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From:ghislain groulx Date:January 8 2006 6:19pm
Subject:Cant access my files through the web site
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Im quite new to mysql and i bought a book to learn how to work with mysql 
(php and mysql for  The first problem i have is probably 
easy to solve but i don't know how.

I did exactly like in the book and i set up my web server(it was already set 
since i run a website for a long time now), mysql and php last.  After that, 
the book told me to create 2 files called test.php and mysql_up.php to test 
php and mysql.  So far, i could see the files in the browser but as soon as 
i enter back all the content of my website in the web server (i run apache 
2), i could not see the php files anymore.  Now, if i enter the adress  or localhost/mysql_up.php, it always redirect 
me to the home page of the website.

Can someone tell me what i missed ?  I guess the probelm lies in the 
configuration file of the apache server, but i dont know what to change.

thanks a lot !

Cant access my files through the web siteghislain groulx8 Jan
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