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From:James Harvard Date:January 5 2006 4:13pm
Subject:Re: SELECT help.
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This should work:

select c_name, count( as t_count from customers c
inner join transactions t1 on c.c_no = t1.c_no
left join transactions t2 on c.c_no = t2.c_no and > '2005-06-05'
where is null
group by c.c_no
having t_count > 4;

There may be more efficient way of doing this though, if your tables are very large.

This might work too:

select c_name, count( as t_count, max( as t_latest from customers c
inner join transactions t on c.c_no = t.c_no
group by c.c_no
having t_count > 4 and t_latest < '2005-06-05';

James Harvard

At 7:29 am -0800 5/1/06, Richard Reina wrote:
>Can someone help me write a query to tell me the  customer numbers (C_NO) of those
> who've had more than 4 transactions  but none in the last 6 months?
>  |   transactions_table                        |
>  | ID    |    C_NO    |    DATE       |   AMOUT|
>  |2901   | 387        |"2003-10-09"   |   23.00|
>  Obviously my table has many more entries.
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