I understand what you mean by a calendar table, but like Rhino I've no idea
what you're asking. How to link the calendar table to other tables depends on
your other tables. For a fairly simple & generic example of a calendar table see



Jonathan Mangin wrote:
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Subject: Re: Calendar table workaround

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Subject: Calendar table workaround

I created a calendar table (date only), but all
where clauses include a uid.  Is the following a
sane workaround to get a usable calendar table?
Anything else I can do?

my $sth = $dbh->prepare("
create table $temp_tbl
(date date,
uid varchar(14))
select date,
? as uid
from calendar
where date between ? and ?");
$sth->execute($uid, $bdate, $edate);

I have no idea what you are asking, which may explain why no one has
to your question yet.

I've been working with relational databases for 20 years and I've never
heard the term "calendar table". What are you trying to accomplish? If you
describe clearly what you are trying to do, perhaps someone can help you
devise a way to do it in MySQL.


A table of dates to which to join other tables,
ensuring reports that reflect days for which no
data is available.