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From:emierzwa Date:January 4 2006 2:24pm
Subject:RE: Lost Connection executing query
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What are your wait_timeout and/or interactive_timeout values set to?
Does the server crash and auto restart? Check server's up time.
Do both servers have the exact table schema? Same column datatypes and
indexes to be specific.
Although your data volumn may be similar, can the actual data be
Can you rewrite the UPDATE statement as a SELECT statement to see if you
can target the rows you are expecting to target?

You can check section "A.2.8. MySQL server has gone away" in the online
manual, which also covers your message, for list of things to try.

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From: Tripp Bishop [mailto:dyne_erg@stripped] 
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Subject: Lost Connection executing query

Howdy all,

First off, We're running 5.0.15.

Theres a particular update statement that we run that
updates data in several tables. On our mac OSX test
server (also running 5.0.15) the query executes
quickly and without any errors or warnings.

On our linux box, which is our production box, we get
the following error as soon as the query is executed:

ERROR 2013 (HY000): Lost connection to MySQL server
during query

The databases have a similar amount of data in them.

I've googled on the error but mostly get pages
containing questions about the error when generated by
stored procedures and mostly on 5.0.3. We're not using
stored procedures. This is just a straight-up query.

Here's the query:

UPDATE customer_indicator 
INNER JOIN customer_search_pref ON 
customer_search_pref.customer_id =
customer_indicator.customer_id AND 
customer_search_pref.office_id =
LEFT JOIN contact_log ON 
contact_log.customer_id =
LEFT JOIN sent ON sent.pref_id =
SET customer_indicator.office_id = 33, 
    customer_search_pref.office_id =33, 
    customer_indicator.agent_id = 105, 
    sent.office_id = 33, 
    contact_log.office_id = 33, 
    customer_indicator.next_message_id = 4403 
WHERE customer_indicator.customer_id = 78437 AND 
      customer_indicator.office_id = 34;

The approximate sizes of the tables involved are:

customer_indicator: 40K records
customer_search_pref: 45K
contact_log: 390K
sent: 20M (million)

So my question is, what are some possible causes of
this error? Why would trying to execute this query
cause the connection to be lost? Why would the query
work fine on our mac system and fail on the prodcution



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