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From:Imran Chaudhry Date:January 4 2006 1:39pm
Subject:Re: logging issue
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I'm inclined to think this is a database config issue in MailScanner.
Double check the Port setting that MailScanner is using and check that
against the port that your MySQL server binds to. It is normally 3306,
and they should match. If you don't know how to check, can you send me
the output of:  netstat -tan | grep 3306

Your log output shows an error code of 110 which means 'Connection
timed out'. This is different to 'Connection refused'. Is there a
possibility of very high database activity from another source while
MailScanner is trying to get at the database? How you tried invoking
the MailScanner connection at different times of the day?

What interface does MailScanner use to connect? It looks like Perl
DBI, but you may be using ODBC? Finally, can you tell me your perl
version by: perl -v

Imran Chaudhry

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