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From:Danny Stolle Date:December 30 2005 9:28am
Subject:Re: How to insert CURDATE() as default
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In MySql (I am using 4.1.9 and 4.1.15; so i am not sure about 5) it is 
not possible to use functions as default values; you could create:
create table tester (f_date date default curdate()); But this doesn;t 
work. You have to struggle through your knoda how to present the current 
date. Be sure you have your field datatype set to DATE.
Create your form and set the datasource to the table having the 
date-field. Create your textbox and assign the field to it.
Put the %NOWDATE% in the 'default value' field of your textbox. The 
currentdate will be shown after you run the form.

Hope this little info helps you :-)


Marc wrote:
> I forgot to mention - I'm running MySQL 4.0.14 on Linux. And I'm not very
> knowledgeable on databases. I just use MySQL with Knoda to get the job done.
> ==========================
> I've got a MySQL table that I'd like to have the current date,
> CURDATE(), as the default in a column. I'm using knoda to worj with this
> table. How do I use knoda to get this done? I can enter CURDATE() in the
> default using the GridColumns button, but all that does is insert the
> phrase "CURDATE()". I've got the column with "Date" for the ColummnType.
> Thanks.
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