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From:Ed Carp Date:April 16 1999 4:50am
Subject:Re: MySQL and LDAP
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We're in the planning stages.  The steps to be taken are:

1. Design the database and tables.
2. Write the back-end code.

I'll probably write the back-end code, as it looks to be fairly easy to do -
I'll adapt some of the code from MyC - but the database has to be designed
first.  Any ideas on how to lay this beast out?
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Subject: Re: MySQL and LDAP

> I just got to wondering about this today... I assume you mean to implement
> MySQL as a replacement for the dbm backend of OpenLDAP?  That would be
> wonderful!  Sadly, I have no C programming skills, but I'm certainly
> interested in the project, and would be willing to help write docs or help
> in the planning process.
> I was briefly concerned because LDAP books suggest that LDAP
> implementations are highly optimized for primarily-read operations so they
> are usually faster than general purpose databases.  But then I realized
> that even if MySQL is a tad slower this can easily be remedied by using
> the MySQL-based server as the master and running a bunch of "native" LDAP
> replica servers...  I'm assuming that people's primary interest in
> this would be for serving data stored in MySQL to LDAP clients.  Or is
> there an even better use that I'm missing?
> Anyway, what's the next step to get the ball rolling on this?
> --
> Hi!
> I just wondered if anyone has tried to implemented MySQL as a backend
> for LDAP?
> If not, are there anyone that would be interested in helping us with
> this?
> Regards,
> Monty
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