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From:William R. Dickson Date:December 19 2005 3:34pm
Subject:Re: User can see all databases...
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This did the trick. Many thanks. I had found that option, but  
misinterpreted what I read; I thought it was only available in 4.x.

Thanks again!


On Dec 14, 2005, at 6:59 PM, Michael Stassen wrote:

> William R. Dickson wrote:
>> OK, I strongly suspect I've just done something stupid here, but  
>> I'm  having trouble figuring it out. I had a disk go bad on a  
>> MySQL server  this past weekend. I did a clean system install  
>> (FreeBSD 5.4) on a  new disk, installed the MySQL 3.23 port, and  
>> restored the mysql data  directory from backup. Everything is  
>> working fine...except now, every  user is able to get a list of  
>> every database on the system. They  can't actually use the  
>> databases, but I'd rather they couldn't get  the list, either.
>> Following some suggestions I found in the list archives, I did a  
>> SHOW  GRANTS and found the following (database names match  
>> usernames):
>> 'blablabla'
>> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `username`.* TO 'username'@'%'
>> I suspect that the problem lies with every user having "USAGE'   
>> privileges on every database (although entering "use  
>> otherusername;"  returns an error indicating the user has no  
>> permissions to read the  database). However, I can't seem to  
>> revoke this privileges. I can't  even find the privilege in any of  
>> the tables.
>> Can someone point my addled brain in the right direction here?
>> Thanks!
>> -Bill
> I know it is counter-intuitive, but "USAGE" means no privileges.   
> In 3.23, seeing all databases is the default behavior, turned off  
> by starting mysqld with the --skip-show-database option.  This  
> changed to the behavior you are expecting in 4.0.2.
> See the manual for more < 
> show-databases.html>.
> Michael
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