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From:Jens Theisen Date:December 19 2005 3:01pm
Subject:advisory locking with shared/exclusive locking sematics
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I want to synchronise read and write access to a MySQL database in a 
cluster. Advisory locking would be fine, but I want to lock out writes 
during reads while still being able to do multiple reads at the same time.

I can't see how to do this with GET_LOCK, and table locks have annoying 
side effects; in particular, all tables that are not locked after 
issueing a table lock, are inaccessible. Even more worrying, this is a 
per alias-constraint, so that you have to know what (and especially how 
many) aliases you will need at any time during the locking at the point 
where you lock the tables.

Currently I'm inclined to think that the easiest way around this is to 
employ a locking manager independent to MySQL - though it seems rather 
silly that you can't do these things within it.

Did I overlook something?


advisory locking with shared/exclusive locking sematicsJens Theisen19 Dec