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From:Daniel Kasak Date:December 18 2005 11:14pm
Subject:String Formatting
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I've got some time data that is in an unfortunate format - stripped of
colons and leading zeros, eg:

00:00:10 is simply:

00:02:00 is:

Nice, eh? Until today, I assumed that I had *seconds*, but apparently
not ...

Is there a formatting function that allows me to apply a formatting
template, eg:

string_format( my_string, 'dd:dd:dd )

d is 'digit' ... I'm clearly making this up as I go here. I've checked
the online docs, and I've found 'format' but it only seems to be for
numeric data.

Any ideas? Or do I have to piece together a big combo statement with
lots of if(), length(), locate() etc?

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