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From:Dotan Cohen Date:December 18 2005 10:48pm
Subject:Re: GUI (linux X based or web based) for mysql
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On 12/18/05, Daniel Kasak <dkasak@stripped> wrote:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
> >I keep a lot of personal information in a MySQL database. I have a few
> >querys premade for the wife to use, but we have gotten to the point
> >where we need a solution for her to be able to run her own queries.
> >She is NOT about to learn SQL, and myPHPadmin is a little too
> >compicated. I looked at an Access installation the other day and it
> >seemed to be just what we need- a GUI for non-programmers to use a
> >database. Is there any such beast for MySQL? Anthing that will run on
> >Fedora Core 4 would be great. Or even a web-based solution would be
> >fine- I do have apache on localhost.
> >
> >
> I have a number of open-source Perl projects that may help you out, at:
> They're more targetted at developers than end-users at the moment ... I
> have plans ...
> Anyway, with minimal effort you can get a very nice looking Gtk2-based
> GUI going with the help of Glade to make your interface, and a couple of
> lines of Perl code to connect your database to your GUI. The current
> release of Gtk2::Ex::DBI ( you just motivated me to make the next
> release, which I'd been procrastinating over for ages ) has a built-in
> search dialog, that you can trigger in 2 ways - by right-clicking in a
> field in the GUI and selecting 'find' from the context-sensitive menu,
> or by putting a button on your form and connecting it to the
> find_dialog() method of Gtk2::Ex::DBI. This will give you a dialog that
> lets you add criteria that gets appended to the 'where' clause of the
> query ... ie it doesn't do a slow search on every record ( like Access
> ), but lets you send your criteria to the database for rapid results.
> Admittedly, the documentation is a little sparse, but I'm working on a
> nice demo application that shows off all the features of the 3 modules.
> Hopefully over Christmas I'll get time to finish it off.
> Oh yeah ... did I mention that it's all cross-platform goodness? :) I've
> tested on Linux, Windows 2000 and OS-X. You will of course need to
> install Gtk2 for the last 2, but it's not that hard - at least on Windows.
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Thanks. I'll probably take a look at that soon. I don't know any perl,
so I'll probably go with the Base solution, but this does look good.

Dotan Cohen
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