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From:Mark Phillips Date:December 18 2005 4:17pm
Subject:Re: 'LIKE' for numbers
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In a jsp application I created, I had a similar problem. I defined a constant 
'spread' and then searched for values of x that x>= y-spread and x<=y+spread. 
I then configured the spread value from web.xml, so I could fine-tune the 
spread when the application was in testing. We didn't have the actual flight 
data at the time to calculate a meaningful spread.  You could also have a 
lopsided search range by using a top-spread and bottom-spread.


On Sunday 18 December 2005 03:06 am, Andy Pieters wrote:
> Hi all
> Is there any operator for mysql that behaves like "LIKE" but can act on
> numbers.
> Let's say I wanted to select all rows where column x has a value of ~ y
> How should I do this?
> With kind regards
> Andy

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