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From:Mikhail Berman Date:November 30 2005 3:42pm
Subject:RE: SHOW commands.
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You have three option with mysqldump command to do what you are looking

$>mysqldump --add-drop-table db_name table_name -> this one will dump
data, create table info and add DROP TABLE IF EXIST on the top of the
dump, so you would be able to re-create original table and its data to a

$mysqldump --no-create-info db_name table_name -> this will dump only
data. nothing of table structure.

$mysqldump  --no-data db_name table_name -> this will dump only table
structure, nothing of data will be dumped.


Mikhail Berman

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From: Michael Williams [mailto:mwilliams@stripped] 
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Subject: SHOW commands.

Hi all,

Is there a command similar to "SHOW CREATE TABLE. . ." that will output
the commands to fully duplicate a table; data and all?  I want to
retrieve the command and write it to a text file.

Basically what I need is a "SHOW" on "CREATE TABLE copy SELECT * FROM
original", but SHOW doesn't seem to work here.  I need a copy of this
command so that I can then replicate that table as often as desired in
the future on whatever system is in place.  I could obviously dump the
entire db, but i only want this on a per table basis, as I deem
necessary, whenever I deem it so.  Any help would be greatly

Thanks in advance!

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