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From:Kristen G. Thorson Date:November 30 2005 3:26pm
Subject:Re: SHOW commands.
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Michael Williams wrote:

> Thanks for the responses everyone.  Just a quick FYI, I am using  
> Python as an intermediary to sync the DBs (I'm fine with using  
> whatever as long as it's Debian compatible).  I suppose I should have  
> explained before, but I'm using the Python script to connect from a  
> "client" machine to a "server" machine which is why I prefer a  
> command to be able to 'sync' the data.  Although I will have DB  
> access on the "server", there is no guarantee that I'll have actual  
> disk write access.  Hence, again, the need to be able to query for  
> the command so as to write it to a text file on the "client" machine  
> for use, etc.  Sort of a  "hey, server, what would it take to make  
> table BLAH if I wanted to recreate it completely?"  kind of thing.

There's no one command, but you can build it by pulling the information 
you need from:


And then of course a select on the table.  I have some PHP code that 
does this, and it's only 50 lines or so.


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