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From:Michael Williams Date:November 30 2005 12:50pm
Subject:Re: SHOW commands.
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Thanks for the responses everyone.  Just a quick FYI, I am using  
Python as an intermediary to sync the DBs (I'm fine with using  
whatever as long as it's Debian compatible).  I suppose I should have  
explained before, but I'm using the Python script to connect from a  
"client" machine to a "server" machine which is why I prefer a  
command to be able to 'sync' the data.  Although I will have DB  
access on the "server", there is no guarantee that I'll have actual  
disk write access.  Hence, again, the need to be able to query for  
the command so as to write it to a text file on the "client" machine  
for use, etc.  Sort of a  "hey, server, what would it take to make  
table BLAH if I wanted to recreate it completely?"  kind of thing.

Thanks again!

On Nov 30, 2005, at 12:02 AM, Rhino wrote:

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> Subject: SHOW commands.
>> Hi all,
>> Is there a command similar to "SHOW CREATE TABLE. . ." that will   
>> output the commands to fully duplicate a table; data and all?  I  
>> want  to retrieve the command and write it to a text file.
>> Basically what I need is a "SHOW" on "CREATE TABLE copy SELECT *  
>> FROM original", but SHOW doesn't seem to work here.  I need a copy  
>> of this command so that I can then replicate that table as often  
>> as desired  in the future on whatever system is in place.  I could  
>> obviously dump  the entire db, but i only want this on a per table  
>> basis, as I deem necessary, whenever I deem it so.  Any help would  
>> be greatly  appreciated.
> I think there is an option of mysqldump that lets you dump just a  
> single, specified table. Maybe that would do the trick for you?
> If not, and assuming you are running an appropriate version of  
> MySQL, would a query on INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES get you what you  
> want? I'm still on V4.0.x so I'm not completely clear on what is  
> available in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.
> If all else fails and you have a Java developer handy, you can  
> write Java code to determine the composition of tables, even in  
> MySQL 4.0.x; I know because I've done it.
> Rhino
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