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From:Dan Bolser Date:November 22 2005 11:42am
Subject:Re: SSH tunnel for Mysql
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Jerry Swanson wrote:
> Both Linux computers.

This is what I do...

$ more ssh_to_mysql_on_beta

ssh \
  -t \
  -g \
  -L \
  dmb@stripped \
  "./bin/sleep.plx mysql"

That last line is a trick to prevent the terminal from 'timeing out'. 
The sleep.plx application is just a little perl script which writes 
"sleeping $ARGV[0]\n" every 5 minuites.

Running the above on my local machine (linux) allows me to connect to 
mysql on 'local' port 3306, and have that magically redirected via ssh 
to beta port 3306.

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