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From:Steve Edberg Date:November 22 2005 11:12am
Subject:Re: dump to more than 1 file
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At 3:56 PM +0000 11/21/05, Tom Brown wrote:
>is it possible to do a mysql dump to more than 1 file? We will 
>shortly be needing to dump a db that will be in excess of 50gb so 
>will encounter file size issues
>This is on 4.1.x and rhel 4

Probably the best approach - knowing nothing about your db - would be 
to dump tables to separate files; you could write a pretty simple 
script to do that.

Since mysqldump writes to stdout, you could pipe to a zip/bzip/gzip, 
although that's unlikely to compress 50GB down to something most 
unixes can handle (a safe size is 2GB):

	mysqldump -uuser -p database | gzip > dump.gz

You could pipe to split (try 'man split'), which would split the 
output into pieces by # of lines or # of bytes (eg; dump.001, 
dump.002, ...) and then reassemble via cat. It would be nice to do 
something like

	mysql -uuser -ppassword database < `cat dump.*`

but I don't think that's possible. You'd have to reassemble the dump 
file first, which means you might run into file size issues again. 
Probably best to do table-by-table, piping to zip/bzip/gzip as well.


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