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From:Sasha Pachev Date:April 15 1999 4:13pm
Subject:Re: OK, I admit it. I'm clueless.
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Richard Reina wrote:
> I am trying to port a DBMS application from Foxpro2.5 for DOS to linux.
> Everything I've read says MySQL is the best but I'm not sure where I go
> from here. I'm confident I can recreate the databases (tables) in MySQL
> but I have no idea how I will recreate the end user screens, reports,
> and write the programs that will manipulate them.  In foxpro2.5 these
> functions are all self contained.  First, do I have to learn C, C++,
> Pearl, PHP or all of the above?  If so, can some recommend some books.

Yes, at least of them. I would personally start with C,
that would make learning the rest easier. As far as the
books are concerned, remember that the speed/efficiency
of learning is determined about 10% by what kind of
resource you have and about 90% by what you do with it.
Patiece + Determination + Time = Success

> Second,  the user interface does not have to be pretty, just easy for
> the end user to use -- no immediate need to connect it to the web.  Do
> all user interfaces use the X windows system -- the X windows use up
> quite a bit of ram, I would like to avoid this -- and if they do, are
> they stable?

In most instances building a Web interface to a database
is much easier and portable than doing it in X Windows,
which is the reason it is done more often. HTML can do
what most users need, and if they really insist on more,
you can often use a Java Applet to make them happy.

> I'm sorry to ask such basic questions, but if some one can tell me what
> I need to know I will go learn it and do my best not to bother anyone,
> and most importantly I'll be able to avoid going to MS Windows.

You are on the right track, stay away from M$ Windoze,
and learn real programming.

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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