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From:Jesse Castleberry Date:November 9 2005 9:10pm
Subject:MySQL .NET Connector
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I'm using the MySQL .Net connector to access my MySQL database from my
ASP.Net application.  I've got kind of a catch 22 thing going on here.  I'm
getting an error, which indicates that I need to set the debug="true" in my
web.config file (I realize this isn't a MySQL problem, but bare with me...).
Well, it IS set.  So, trying to figure out what the issue is, I go into IIS
and right-click on the folder with my .net app in it and click the Create
button beside the Application name field, it creates an application.  Now, I
can actually see the line # where AN error occurrs, but it doesn't make
sense.  It indicates "Type 'MySqlConnection' is not defined", however, it IS
defined. At the top of the file, I include <%@ Import
Namespace="MySql.Data.MySqlClient"%>. Besides this, before I did the "Create
application" thing, I was able to access and view the data on the screen w/o
a problem.  It's only after doing the "Create Application" that this is an

This may not be a MySQL issue, it may be more of an ASP.NET thing, but
figured I'd pass this by y'all first an see if anyone knew what might be
going on.


MySQL .NET ConnectorJesse Castleberry9 Nov
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