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From:BÁRTHÁZI András Date:November 8 2005 6:55pm
Subject:Re: character sets.....(missing info)
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> if the character_set_client is by default latin1, does that mean that 
> the java application is sending latin1?or is it changed at runtime?
> kind of lost again.....

As I understand, the charset of the column/table/database is irrelevant, 
there will be no conversion if you query from or insert into the table. 
There *is* conversion, but it depends on the communication settings - 
and it is detailed in the documentation. The character_set_* variables 
are your friend: *_client, *_connection and *_results as I know.

If you want to solve your problem, then just run a "set names utf8" SQL 
query before querying the data for the *XML* file, and you will get the 
data in UTF-8. Or just put a header into the XML file that says your 
data in Latin1 (I think it's not so easy in Java).

Anyway, I don't know, how Java handles the character sets related to 
MySQL at the client side, but it works well for the console and for PHP 
and Perl clients.


ps: The column charset will be used for collations, and maybe for string 
functions, as I know. I'm planning to test it to make sure, and write a 
Hungarian article about it, but I think you won't be happy with it. :)
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