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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 19 1999 3:25pm
Subject:MyODBC 2.50.28 RPM
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Freitas <sflist@stripped> writes:

Steve> Hi Monty!
Steve> Okay, here's what I've got. I started with a clean RH 6.1 system. I 
Steve> didn't install MySQL server. I installed MySQL 3.23.6 client RPM. I can 
Steve> use this client to connect successfully to a MySQL server on another 
Steve> machine.

Steve> Then I attempted to install MyODBC-2.50.28-1.i386.rpm. It complained of 
Steve> the following dependency:

Steve> So installed MySQL server 3.23.6 source, and did:

Steve> ./configure --without-server --with-thread-safe-client

Steve> That gave me /lib/libmysqlclient. So I did:

Steve> ln -s /lib/libmysqlclient /lib/

Steve> I tried putting that link in /root instead, ldconfig, etc. MyODBC 2.50.28 
Steve> RPM still complains about missing that library. Any ideas?

Steve> Thanks!

Steve> Steve Freitas
Steve> Newport Beach, California


Did you install the MySQL shared library rpm?  This is the only one you need
for the MyODBC RPM ?

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