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From:SGreen Date:November 7 2005 6:43pm
Subject:Re: Stored Procedure Question
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"Jesse Castleberry" <JesseC@stripped> wrote on 11/07/2005 01:26:59 PM:

> I've got a stored procedure I'm trying to convert from MS SQL.  I've 
> so far with it, but it's complaining about the INSERT command. It's a 
> simple stored procedure, so it should easy to figure out, but I'm not
> familiar with the MySQL Stored Procedure syntax.  If someone can point 
> what I'm doing wrong here, I'd appreciate it:
> CREATE Procedure sp_InsertNewCamper
> (
> in cFirstName NVarChar(30),
> in cLastName NVarChar(30),
> in cUserName NVarChar(30),
> in cPassword NVarChar(30),
> out AddedID Int
> )
>   INSERT INTO Campers (FirstName, LastName, UserName, Password) VALUES
> (cFirstName, cLastName, cUserName, cPassword) // ERROR RIGHT HERE.
>   AddedID = LAST_INSERT_ID()
> END;
> It complains about the INSERT INTO command where I've indicated above, 
> a Syntac error.  What is the proper syntax for this?
> Thanks,
> Jesse

Within the stored procedures, you need to tell MySQL when you have reached 
the end of each command. In order to do that, you have to use a 
semicolon(;), just as you would while working interactively. 

In order to define a stored procedure interactively you have to change the 
CLI's command delimiter so that you can use a semicolon within the 
definition of your stored procedure and not end the CREATE PROCEDURE 
statement too early. Look at the interactive examples on this page:

Can you see where they temporarily reset the command delimiter, created 
their stored procedure (with each statement within the SP ending with a ; 
), then reset the interactive command delimiter?  The error message is 
saying that you didn't end your INSERT statement... you forgot your 
semicolon (;) to separate it from the statement where you tried to set the 
value AddedID (that's going to be a different error, you neglected to use 

Don't give up, you almost got it.

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine

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