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From:Jesse Castleberry Date:November 7 2005 6:26pm
Subject:Stored Procedure Question
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I've got a stored procedure I'm trying to convert from MS SQL.  I've gotton
so far with it, but it's complaining about the INSERT command. It's a very
simple stored procedure, so it should easy to figure out, but I'm not
familiar with the MySQL Stored Procedure syntax.  If someone can point out
what I'm doing wrong here, I'd appreciate it:

CREATE Procedure sp_InsertNewCamper
in cFirstName NVarChar(30),
in cLastName NVarChar(30),
in cUserName NVarChar(30),
in cPassword NVarChar(30),
out AddedID Int
  INSERT INTO Campers (FirstName, LastName, UserName, Password) VALUES
(cFirstName, cLastName, cUserName, cPassword) // ERROR RIGHT HERE.

It complains about the INSERT INTO command where I've indicated above, with
a Syntac error.  What is the proper syntax for this?


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