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From:Gordon Bruce Date:November 4 2005 10:06pm
Subject:RE: SQL Statement Conversion
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If your MySQL server is a *nix system than table names are case

       CASE CounselorOnly 
         WHEN 1 THEN 'Yes' 
         WHEN 0 THEN 'No' 
       END AS CO
FROM Activities A 
ORDER BY Activity 

I also just noticed, remove the "CO =" and add "AS CO" following the END
of the case statement.

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From: Jesse Castleberry [mailto:JesseC@stripped] 
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Subject: SQL Statement Conversion

I'm converting an application from SQL Server to MySQL.  I have the
following query that I need to convert:

SELECT A.*, CO = CASE CounselorOnly WHEN 1 THEN 'Yes' WHEN 0 THEN 'No'
FROM Activities a ORDER BY Activity

What is the proper syntax for this in MySQL?


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