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From:Jigal van Hemert Date:November 4 2005 11:47am
Subject:Re: PHP/MySQL vs ASP/MSSQL?
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Hi Joerg (and other list readers),

Joerg Bruehe wrote:
> Jigal van Hemert wrote:
>> Win/IIS/ASP/MSSQL might need a bit more hardware to run on compared to 
>> Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (aka LAMP). The license costs for a LAMP setup 
>> will probably be higher. Both will be able to do the job.
>                    ^^^^^^
> No flame war intended, but:
> Is this a typo, or on which assumptions / figures do you base that?

Oooops, I meant to wright "lower". Thanks for correcting this.

> AFAIK, the whole LAMP setup is free-of-charge GPL software, unless the 
> environment requires a commercial MySQL license.
> (Support agreements would be a different issue.)

I agree, and even with a license and a support agreement it will 
probably be a lot cheaper than a comparable MS based setup (unless I 
have to believe which 
likes me to believe that an MS-based setup is actually cheaper in the end).

Regards, Jigal.
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