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From:Stephen Moretti Date:November 3 2005 3:36pm
Subject:Re: Edit MySQL through MS Access?
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Dan Nelson wrote:

>In the last episode (Nov 03), Marc Pidoux said:
>>Eh, eh, sorry, stupid question for some of you, I'm sure...
>>I'm wondering if there is a way to edit a MySQL DB through MS Access
>>like you can for an MSSQL DB? I want to edit a lot of data, tables
>>etc... and doing it through phpMyAdmin just isn't very efficient.
>Sure.  Just install the MySQL ODBC connector and link to the tables
>same as you would for MS SQL.  There is a whole section in the manual
>detailing this:
But you would probably just as well to install one of the many MySQL 
GUIs out there.  I actually quite like MySQLs suite of tools now.  Query 
Browser is still a bit buggy, but its getting better each iteration. - just check out the links in the box on the right 
hand side.


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