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From:Fabricio Mota Date:November 1 2005 3:06am
Subject:RES: RES: Hi all
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Ok, David. Thank you, 

I'll take a good look on it!

My Regards,

Fabricio Mota

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Hi Fabricio,

You can find a lot of information in the manual, more specifically at

This would be a very good place to start. Otherwise, as suggested, ask
questions on the internals list.


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Subject: RES: RES: Hi all

Ok, could you suggest me where I may find it with more occurrences?

Another problem is: MySQL is a very big project, and I have no UML (or
abstraction) that could help me to understand it!! Can you tell me where
could I find this kind of documentation?

My Regards

Fabricio Mota

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On Mon, 2005-10-31 at 21:16 -0300, Fabricio Mota wrote:
> In true, I have a project to develop a new (revolutionary) engine for
> and so increase many times applications performance, and reduce
> cost with hardware infraestruture. So I'm looking for peoples to help
> develop this project - or appoval by MySQL AB.

You certainly don't need anybody's permission. (distributing under a
non-GPL license would). Best bet is to start hacking and ask when you
get stuck.

There are a couple of articles around on writing a storage engine - as
well as the best doc ever - the code.

(btw, this probably should be on internals, not mysql, cluster or
plusplus list)
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