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From:Jose de Leon Date:November 19 1999 1:42am
Subject:Questions about MySQL C API
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Just some basic questions that I don't see directly answered in the C API

I notice that many functions return a pointer to either MYSQL_RES,
MYSQL_FIELD, etc... except MYSQL_ROW.  I'm assuming that it is my
responsibility to free the memory allocated to these pointers, but MYSQL_ROW
appears different, yet in the desciption of mysql_fetch_rows() it appears
that it is really returning a pointer.

Main question is: Should I free memory for all pointers that have memory
allocated to them by the MySQL functions, except for MYSQL_RES?  And, does
mysql_fetch_row() return a pointer to a MYSQL_ROW structure in which case I
probably need to free the memory when done?


Questions about MySQL C APIJose de Leon19 Nov
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