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From:DBTools Software Date:October 24 2005 3:18pm
Subject:[ANN] DBManager Professional 3.1.2 Released
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We are pleased to announce the release of the new DBTools Manager
Professional. This version is a bug fix with small new features, see below:

- Fixed: Dialog Box Preferences for Data Options
- Fixed: 'Invalid DateTime' on datetime columns with NULL values in
Microsoft Access
- Fixed: SetFieldNull In MSAccess (Generated an Exception)
- Fixed: Find Files Button to Attach Databases didn't work for SQL Server
- Fixed: Parser error in query editor for MS Access
- Fixed: Entering Integer Size (Adding new Columns) Show an error message in
- Fixed: GO Not working on Datasheet to separate multiple queries
- Added FROM to Send Emails in the Task Builder
- Implemented Picture Viewer to Query Editor
- Implemented Picture Viewer to Form Builder
- Implemented double click to insert tables in Query Editor
- Implemented Export/Import Diagram Data in Diagram Designer

The Enterprise Edition 3.1.2 and Freeware Edition 3.1.1 are both available
for downloading in the Downloads Center at

What Is DBTools Manager?

DBTools Manager is a Windows application for database management. It
supports MySQL (3, 4 and 5), PostgreSQL (6, 7, 8), Interbase, Firebird,
SQLite, Xbase, MSAccess, MSSQL Server/MSDE, Oracle, Sybase and ODBC
Datasources. The main features are:

- Management of all database objects including: database, tables, index,
foreign keys, check constraints, triggers, domains, stored procedures, user
defined functions, etc
- Lots of wizards to import and export data, including: MSAccess, ODBC,
MSExcel, Text files formatted and CSV, HTML, XML, Paradox, Clipper, Dbase,
FoxPro (*)
- Wizard to create php script (*)
- Database Comparerto syncronize database structure (*)
- Query Editor with support for debugging, planning, multiple results sets,
image viewer and query builder to visually create your queries
- Diagram Designer (*)
- Report and Form builder (*)
- Objects Browser to view objects dependencies (*)
- Task Builder to automate process of moving, importing and exporting data
and structure (*)
- Server, Database and Table Monitor shows graphics with the status of the
selected server and database (*)
- And much more

(*) Enterprise Edition only

The full list of features can be found at


In October and November/2005 we are offering a special price for the
Enterprise Edition for a single database engine. The price list starting at
US$ 50.00 makes it affordable by everyone. To see the full price list check You can download a TRIAL with full
features enabled and try it for 20 days.

Best Regards,

DBTools Software

[ANN] DBManager Professional 3.1.2 ReleasedDBTools Software24 Oct