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From:Jacques Marneweck Date:October 21 2005 3:09pm
Subject:Re: Should I buy commercial license?
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Kenji HIROHAMA wrote:
> (I've posted to forums, but also send to this ML.)
> Hi,
> I took a look at, but I still have a question about
> commercial license.
> If we build and host a web-system with MySQL, which provide services
> to customers not for free.
> Customers pay for our services.
> In this case, we don't distribute our softwre/system directly to our customers.
> I heard from someone of MySQL AB, probaly CEO, that people should buy
> commercial license if MySQL Server is used for their business. (in
> other words, making profit with MySQL Server.)
> Should we buy commercial license in my case?
Hi Hirohama,

Due to the fact that MySQL is licensed under a dual licensing system, 
you do not need to purchase a license of MySQL for using the database 
software for commercial use.  You have a choice in the case that you 
don't like the terms of the GPL license[1], you can choose to license 
the software under a commercial license[2] from MySQL AB.

For example you write a web interface to access data stored on a MySQL 
database, you do not need a license for MySQL, in terms of the GPL and 
you can freely utilise any version of MySQL which has been licensed 
under the GPL even if they change the license for future versions of 
MySQL you can continue to use the last version which was released under 
the GPL.


> Thanks,
> hirohama
Jacques Marneweck

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