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From:G G Date:October 21 2005 6:11am
Subject:Joined My Head to My Ass
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Alright, I like to think I'm relatively competent with MySql, but I need a
guru's help with this one as after hours of fooling with it the only thing
I've joined is my head to my ass.  Here's the deal.


I have two tables:



member_id - int

question_id - int



id - int



There are several questions in the 'questions' table, each with a unique id.
Every time a person answers a question, it gets logged into the 'records'
table with their personal member_id along with the question id
(question_id).  Simple really.  


I'm looking to select a random id from the questions table, given that there
is no record of the user already answering that question.


I've tried a million things with no luck, from the simplest to the most
complicated.and yet it seems like an easy solution.  I'm convinced some part
of the query has to contain where 'column is null'.other than that I'm
clueless.  Thanks so much for the help!!




Joined My Head to My AssG G21 Oct
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