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From:Ryan Escarez Date:October 21 2005 3:49am
Subject:Re: Terrible MySQL Administrator
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On 10/20/05, Rich <lists@stripped> wrote:
> Hi folks.
> Since I installed MySQL Administrator on OS X and tried to put a schedule in
> for a backup, the thing simply won't go away.  It sends an email into my
> mail app in the terminal on a daily basis and it's driving me
> mad...slowly...bit by bit.
> Can someone suggest how I get rid of these emails, as the cron was deleted
> weeks ago, and I took out the entry in a crontab I found, but it still
> ...persists...over...and...over.

have you check the crontab of every individual users?
i suggest you post the email header here, so anyone can help you further.


Ryan Escarez
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