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From:Clyde Lewis Date:October 20 2005 1:22pm
Subject:Re: copy database other than mysqldump
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You could copy the entire mysql directory structure to an isolated area 
on disk. This will involve stopping the instance though.

Luke Vanderfluit wrote:

> Hi.
> I'm using 4.0.18 and for legacy reasons I can't upgrade that.
> However I'm upgrading the database to a new schema.
> I want to copy the database before I make changes to the schema, so 
> that if anything goes wrong, I can revert back.
> I have a dump file of the database but that is around 5GIG, so takes 
> around an hour to restore.
> Is there a quicker way to copy a database other than to do a dump.
> Thanks.
> Kind regards.
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