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From:Brian Dunning Date:October 20 2005 2:35am
Subject:Spatial Extensions to make a Dealer Locator?
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I'm in the midst of the age-old problem of finding the right SQL to  
make a Dealer Locator by ZIP code. Like Steffan's posts from a couple  
weeks ago, I have the ZIP code data in one table with latitudes and  
longitudes, and the table of Dealers with ZIP codes in a separate table.

While researching this I came across a reference to MySQL's Spatial  

This is WAY over my head. The reference I found said these extensions  
are "immature". I'm not even exactly sure what an extension is: does  
it mean that my ISP (PowWeb) probably doesn't have it installed?

Has anyone else who has tackled this application found the Spatial  
Extensions to be useful, or is it better to stick with the basics and  
go the route discussed in Steffan's recent thread?

- Brian
Spatial Extensions to make a Dealer Locator?Brian Dunning20 Oct
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