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From:Mikhail Berman Date:October 18 2005 2:15pm
Subject:RE: Creating a table on MySQL from Access
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Possible solutions. Has not tried all of it myself.

1. Create ODBC connection to your MySQL database, using MySQL
Connector/ODBC - this works, sometimes gives problems
2. Try to use MS-Access Pass-Through query to create tables - never
tried this way. 
3. Do search for "link tables" in MS Visual Basic Help for Ms-Access to
find a way to link the tables. You might not need to link tables.
Possible solution that came out of the named above search:

SourceConnectStr, SourceDatabase Properties
See AlsoApplies ToExampleSpecificsYou can use these properties to access
external data when you can't link the external tables to your database.

The SourceConnectStr property specifies the name of the application used
to create an external database. 
The SourceDatabase property specifies the external database in which the
source tables or queries for a query reside. 
Note  The SourceConnectStr and SourceDatabase properties apply to all
queries except data-definition, pass-through, and union queries.

You use a string expression to set the value of the SourceConnectStr and
SourceDatabase properties.

You can set these properties in the query's property sheet or in SQL
view of the Query window. In the SQL statement, the properties
correspond to the IN clause.

Note  If you are accessing multiple database sources, use the Source
property instead of the SourceConnectStr and SourceDatabase properties.

You must use the SourceConnectStr and SourceDatabase properties to
access tables from external databases that were created in applications
that don't use linked tables (linked table: A table stored in a file
outside the open database from which Access can access records. You can
add, delete, and edit records in a linked table, but you cannot change
its structure.).

The following are examples of these property settings:

For a Microsoft Access database, the SourceDatabase property setting is
the path and database name (for example, C:\Accounts\Customers).
Microsoft Access adds the file name extension automatically. The
SourceConnectStr property doesn't have a value for a Microsoft Access
For a database created by a product such as Paradox, the SourceDatabase
property setting is the path (for example, C:\Pdoxdata). The
SourceConnectStr property setting is the specifier for the database type
(for example, Paradox 3.x;). For a list of specifiers, see the ADO
Connect property. 
The following example uses dBASE IV tables in the C:\Dbdata directory as
the source of data for the query. 
FROM Customer INNER JOIN Orders
IN 'C:\Dbdata'[dBASE IV;];

For an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) database, the SourceConnectStr
property setting is the name of the source database and any additional
information required by the product, such as a logon identification (ID)
and password. For example, for a Microsoft SQL Server database the
setting might be: 
The SourceDatabase property doesn't have a value for an ODBC database.

Mikhail Berman

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Is there a way I can create a table on MySQL using Access and establish
a link remotely?
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