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From:Colin McKinnon Date:December 18 1999 2:30pm
Subject:Re: How to choose an index?
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At 13:35 18/11/99 +0100, Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
>I have a table similar to the following:
>	start INTEGER
>where start <= end are arbitrary ranges.
>Does anyone have recommendations of how to choose an index
>that allows me to select those records that include a certain
>number? In other words, I like to optimize the query
>	SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE start <= mynumber AND
>		end >= mynumber;

This is a bit OT. but its so easy.....

Have 2 indices; one of each! - 
	ALTER TABLE tablename ADD INDEX tablename_se (start, end);
	ALTER TABLE tablename ADD INDEX tablename_es (end, start);

Then the optimizer can choose which is the best to use.


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