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From:walt Date:October 11 2005 3:15pm
Subject:Re: Problem compiling MyODBC - looking for sql.h file
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Ryan Stille wrote:

>I posted this on the ODBC list, but there is not much traffic there and
>no one replied.  Hopefully someone here has dealt with this.
>I am setting up ColdFusion to access a MySQL 4.1.x database.  This
>required new MyODBC drivers to be installed on the system for
>ColdFusion.  After a lot of trial and error, I got it figured out.  I
>install mysql on the system (using --without-server), then install
>MyODBC.  Then copy the file to a directory under
>ColdFusion, and change ColdFusion's odbc.ini file to reference this new
>I am now trying to do it on a second system, but am getting errors
>during the ./configure of MyODBC (3.5.11).  This is my configure
>./configure --with-mysql-path=/usr/local/mysql \
>            --without-samples \
>            --disable-test \
>            --enable-thread-safe
>And this is the resulting output:
>checking for isql... No
>checking for unixODBC version... Unknown
>checking sql.h usability... No
>checking sql.h presence... No
>checking for sql.h... no
>configure: error: Unable to find the unixODBC headers in
>It's complaining about unixODBC headers, maybe specifically the sql.h
>file in the second to last line?  But I don't have unixODBC installed on
>the FIRST system, the one that is working just fine.  (ColdFusion has
>it's one built in ODBC manager, unixODBC is not necessary.)  However
>there is a /usr/local/include/sql.h file on that system.  I don't know
>how it got there.  By looking inside the file it appears to be related
>to MyODBC 3.5.11.
>Just for kicks I copied this file to the second system, but got the same
>error when trying to run ./configure.
>Any ideas?
It's part of  unixODBC-devel

Problem compiling MyODBC - looking for sql.h fileRyan Stille11 Oct
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