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From:William Fry Date:October 10 2005 11:53am
Subject:Relocation of database store
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I'm trying to relocate the database files for MySQL 4.1
I've seen two primary techniques for doing this:
1) create/alter a my.cnf file with 'datadir' set to new location
2) moving the physical files and creating a symlink in the original location

Unfortunately, neither of these methods work for me.

I have my MySQL server running on a Mandrake 10.1 Linux box with limited
hard drive space. I want to place my database on a NAS drive.
The NAS drive support many protocols: NFS, SMB, AFP, etc. so I have no
problem at all accessing the device from my database server. However, the
problem seems to be that, as part of MySQL server's normal operation, it
creates a socket file. Unfortunately, this activity is not allowed on a
remote share. So, when the server starts up, its attempt to create
"mysql.sock" fails.

It appears that both relocation methods indicated above cause EVERYTHING to
be relocated, i.e. not only the "hard" files, but the socket "file" also.

Is there a way to have the "hard" files relocated but keep the socket "file"
in /var/lib/mysql?

- Liam

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