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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 15 1999 9:58am
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>>>>> "Darla" == Darla Baker <darla@stripped> writes:

Darla> I've experimented with a few interfaces to mysql (xmysql xmysqladmin,
Darla> Xsql) but none of those compare to PgAccess which came with the Suse 6.0
Darla> distribution I'm currently experimenting with.  Is anyone aware of a
Darla> comparable product for mysql? (Running under Linux of course).

Darla> -Darla Baker
Darla> darla@stripped


I shall try to find time to release our new MySQL client for Linux next
week. (The major problem just now is to make a RPM of the mysql-C++
library and the client)

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  • PgAccessMichael Widenius15 Apr