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From:Dotan Cohen Date:September 27 2005 4:10pm
Subject:linux timestamp
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Hi all, I have a field in a mysql database v4.0.18 that contains a
linux timestamp. I have been googleing for a solution that would
return to me all the entries where the timestamp falls on, say a
wednesday, or between 2pm to 3pm. I am led to believe that it is
possible, but I have found no examples. Something like:
SELECT * from listings WHERE timestamp(day==wednesday)
SELECT * from listings WHERE timestamp(14:00 <= time <= 15:00)

Of course, I don't expect these examples to work, I'm just trying to
illustrate what I'm trying to accomplish. Until now, I have been
pulling all the fields and checking the timestamp with php. But I
believe that there must be a better way. Thanks.

Dotan Cohen
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