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From:Gleb Paharenko Date:September 26 2005 5:18pm
Subject:Re: Stored Procedures and Functions
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Have a look here:

However, it isn't clear for me what originally read data means. Do you 
store the time of the first access to the data in some table or 
somewhere else? You might obtain a better answer from the list members
if your add more details about table structure and your application logic.

 >I don't have any experience with stored procedures and find the
 >Documentation in the MYSQL manual a bit sketchy or maybe I am just miss
 >reading it. Can any one point me to some documentation that will help with
 >fully understanding Stored Procedures?
 >What I am trying to migrate out of my program code is a procedure to 
do the
 >following for update commands.
 >1)     Determine that the ID Field and the Last Updated Timestamp Field is
 >still the same as when the data was originally read.
 >2)     If not the same then Raise an error back to the program so It can
 >determine the action.
 >3)     If the same then lock row and perform update.
 >Future development of this could extend to remove more out of code to 
 >when the two don't match. The procedure there is
 >1)     Compare Original Field Value to Current Value in Memory if the two
 >don't match then
 >2)     IF the Original Field Value and the Current Value Stored in Table
 >Match then update Field IF not then raise error and prompt user for 
 >This may be more information than required, but some one out their 
might be
 >doing similar things that they can point me in the direction of some more
 >documentation or even better still a few Example scripts that I can 
pull apart and learn from.

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