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From:Kishore Jalleda Date:September 26 2005 10:12pm
Subject:"Sort Aborted" errors after upgrade to 4.1.14
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Hi All,
 I know there was an earlier post regarding "sort aborted" error after
upgrading to 4.1.14 from, I am getting this error too, and it never
occured to me before, I found out the query which is doing this,

SELECT * FROM thread AS thread

LEFT JOIN deletionlog AS deletionlog ON (deletionlog.primaryid =
thread.threadid AND deletionlog.type = 'thread')

WHERE forumid = 61 AND

visible = 1 AND

open <> 10 AND

deletionlog.primaryid IS NULL

ORDER BY lastpost DESC


 mysql error: Error writing file '/tmp/MYt96glR' (Errcode: 28)

 mysql error number: 3

 The permissions on the /tmp have not changed and are set properly, the user
mysql can create large files in the /tmp directory ( checked after su to
mysql ) , I tried to increase the sort_buffer_size to 1M from 0.5M,
surprisingly everything else works fine, did any of you guys have similar


Kishore Jalleda

"Sort Aborted" errors after upgrade to 4.1.14Kishore Jalleda27 Sep
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