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From:Pooly Date:September 26 2005 9:06pm
Subject:Re: add a column if not exists
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2005/9/26, Peter Brawley <peter.brawley@stripped>:
> Claire,
>  >I want to check if a column exists in a table before I
>  >do an alter table to add it. How do I do this in
>  >mysql? Thanks.

other solution, do your query in all case and check for the return
error (if any).
mysql> alter table board add message varchar(255) not null default '';
ERROR 1060 (42S21): Duplicate column name 'message'

So, if you get back that error, the column already exists. So if it
exists the table is left untouched, otherwise it does what you want.
(yeah, Information_schema would be better, but 5.0 is in gamma)

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