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From:Todd Ellison Date:September 26 2005 5:41pm
Subject:Recover from plain text log
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OK, I am ready to get flamed.  I have done so much stuff wrong on this 
MySQL server that it finally came back to bite me.  I've learned my 
lesson and hopefully someone here will find it in their heart to help me.

I have a database which is updated quite often, running from a web 
server.  There is no binary log.  There is, however, a text query log 
going back to before my problem.  The server had an I/O error and 
apparently corrupted the files for my database.  I have a backup of the 
database from some time back, but need to recover the data since that time.

I know there is a way to parse binary logs and recover from them, but is 
there a way to do the same for text logs?  I think I can write a bash 
script to reformat the file into a series of queries, but I was hoping 
there was an easier way.

Thanks so much, anyone willing to help.

Todd Ellison
Recover from plain text logTodd Ellison26 Sep
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