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From:Hank Date:September 25 2005 10:19pm
Subject:Re: Circular Replication
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> The long story short is we use the fact that MySQL has the ability to
> run the SQL thread and the IO thread of replication separately, and
> control them individually.

I'm fairly green with replication, but I have a simple cron job that
starts a PHP program that issues a "slave start", watches for the
"time behind master" to be zero seconds, then issues a "slave stop".
This repeats every 10 minutes (it takes about one minute to update 10
minutes of master data), so my slave is at most (worst case) 10
minutes behind the master.  This could be done every two hours or even
once per day.  I'll be setting up a second master to do this same
thing once per day to act as my daily backup.  Once the daily backup
completes replication, I can flush tables and backup the database
tables to the backup device for long term backups.

What are the differences between doing this and turning the SQL and IO
threads on spearetly? Just IMO, that seems like alot of manipulation
that's not really necessary, but it's possible I'm missing something.
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