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From:Miguel Cardenas Date:September 25 2005 12:56am
Subject:myhostname-bin.000nn @ /usr/local/mysql/var
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Hello list

I wanted to know how much space was using the database am working on, but 
found some big files I don't know what they do... these files are located in


and are named 'myhostname-bin.000nn' (nn is 1 to 29 at this moment)... I don't 
know that are those files, so I did a 'less' on them and it appears to be 
binary data with mixed full insert commands for part of my existing database.

My question is... why are those files there? are they really needed or can be 
removed? they are really big and contain old insert commands that will not be 
used never more... can I simple delete all of them?

Thanks for any information!!!

myhostname-bin.000nn @ /usr/local/mysql/varMiguel Cardenas25 Sep
  • Re: myhostname-bin.000nn @ /usr/local/mysql/varMartijn van den Burg25 Sep