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From:Kevin Burton Date:September 23 2005 7:47pm
Subject:Re: foreign keys in MyISAM?
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On Sep 23, 2005, at 12:27 PM, Jacek Becla wrote:

> Hi,
> The documentation says "At a later stage, foreign key constraints
> will be implemented for MyISAM tables as well". Does anybody know
> what is the timescale?

I'm not sure there is a timescale.. I think it might be pretty open  
ended.  You could check out the changelog for MySQL 5 if you're  
really interested.  I wish the MySQL guys would start a blog or  
something so you could figure out what's going on with their  

I'd like MyISAM to just keep the metadata and not enforce the FKs.   
That would be pretty nice.  Same with INNODB.



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