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From:Daniel Kasak Date:September 23 2005 5:30am
Subject:Re: SQL help: Updating Strange Chrs.
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m i l e s wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an odd situation where I was handed just bad data, and while I  
> have cleaned it up to the best of my ability one hurdle remains.
> I have a situation where I have the following example in a field:  
> Canna ÒBengalÒ.
> Note the odd chrs "Ò" in the field ?  I need to get rid of those, my  
> question is HOW.
> And I have thousands of rows like this and its just ONE field that's  
> the stumbling block.
> Any suggestions ?
> M i l e s.



update some_table set some_field = replace( my_field, "Ò", "O" );

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