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From:Michael Mr NISO/Lockheed Martin Kidwell Date:September 22 2005 6:24pm
Subject:RE: Web-based reporting tool? (UNCLASSIFIED)
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Well this is probably getting off topic, but I didn't start it ;). And I
know there's a lot of expertise on the list...

So, one of the items mentioned by Warrick dealt with 

 snip [ pre-defined reports (in which they may need to enter data, like
"Start Date" and "End
 Date") against their data.] end snip

We use php for this functionality, but it's kind of klugey (sp?) -- the user
has 6 pull down menus to deal with ( month, date, year, for both the start
and end dates).

Anybody know of a sexier way to implement this functionality?

Michael Kidwell

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> Subject: Web-based reporting tool?
> This seems to be a common question, but answers aren't that common...
> What are people using as a web-based reporting tool? I'd like to add a 
> user-facing interface to allow users to run pre-defined reports (in 
> which they may need to enter data, like "Start Date" and "End
> Date") against their
> data.
> I've done a bunch of Google searching, and there's always Crystal 
> Reports.
> That is cost-prohibitive currently, though I was discussing this with 
> them.
> However, there are issues where we may want to split our current 
> database server into a larger number of servers, and then the license 
> issues crop up again.
> What else is good and reliable? I'm looking at QLR Manager, looked at 
> Agata, downloaded a number of other programs to find out they are 
> intended for running on the desktop (as opposed to being a web-based 
> app).
> I'm not overly
> concerned with language, either, although the database server is 
> currently a Windows box. I'm using PHP for some stuff, but could run 
> Java, etc. if needed for the right software.
> Thanks. 

If they're pre defined reports that just require date ranges or simple
arguments then why not simply build a php website that 
Has a these reports on them.  You can use simple forms to collect the
criteria from the user and then generate the report.
I use this extensively in my company for distributing information.  No
licensing to worry about and and exporting the reports to a 
Spreadsheet with a "download" button is fairly easy as well.

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