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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 22 2005 6:07pm
Subject:Re: Memory usage question
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In the last episode (Sep 22), Blumenkrantz, Steve said:
> We very recently began replicating data from a master to a slave and
> since doing that we've noticed that most of the RAM in the machine 2
> GB is being used with very little (relatively) free (12MB - 50MB). 
> I've looked at several forums and have done some web searches to see
> if there was any mention of this but haven't seen anything.  Is this
> a normal occurrence?  Is there some kind of tuning that I can do to
> free up more memory?

It's normal.  Free memory is wasted memory.  The OS will use what
memory is not allocated by processes as disk cache.  A better indicator
that you are low on memory is high swap usage and swapin/swapouts per

	Dan Nelson
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